Thaiteakhome by Ruenmaisakthong

"The Pride with Values" @ Thaiteakhome is the expert in Thai traditional house building with the modern aura; we relay the ancient technique and develop the modern to be our own unique. Our house building is the appropriate harmony between cultural, traditional, landscape and architecture for individual people's characteristics.

With more than 10 (ten) years experiences, we trust that we are the UNIQUE.

Houses are one of the essential factors in people's lives. It's show the traditional and characteristics of people. Thai Traditional House has been known since B.E.12 up until now. As of the special characteristic features, Thai house style is so world widely popular.

Thai traditional houses are built in accordance with three ancient principles: "material preparation, construction, and dwelling"

Materials, including site and orientation, the taste and smell of soil, and the names of trees that will be used to build houses, trusty that "Teak Wood" is the number one and the first choice chosen.

Construction, including the whole structures and experience of the expert builder.

Dwelling, the typical residence, the room, living space and balcony.

The Tradition Thai House known as "Ruen Thai Derm", its characteristic features of a wooden house on a platform raised on pillars and a gabled, elegantly tapering roof.

Assembled in following order: the main house, the living area, the terrace and the separate kitchen. All the components are wood, mainly teak. Thai house is essentially a post and beam structure, the gravitational forces begin transmitted from the roof to the ground through the rafter.

Slight differences among traditional Thai Houses can be observed in the different province that make up the Central region. Such differences may related to the aesthetic features, to construction and joinery techniques, to certain structural components or to beliefs concerning the construction procedure.
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Ruean Plub Pleng 2 Promotion 4.9 M ( 5.2 M)
Ruean Malika Promotion 5.9 M ( 6.2 M)
Ruean Busarakam Promotion 2.3 M ( 2.5 M)
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